For me, Ivory West delivers each of her songs as if it were a prayer--her voice, sometimes whispery, as if she was letting each of us in on a secret she had to share. This intimate delivery pulls a listener into her subjects, whether that is an appreciation for lost lovers, or her relationship to God, she sings to her audience with a recognition that each breath, each syllable holds a clue to life's sacred journey.”

George Schricker, Wild Rose Moon

Ivory West is a gifted singer and songwriter. More than just a performance, she helped lead us in worship. Ivory let the spirit of God move her and changed one her song selections on the spot to fit with the theme of the day. It was a sacred moment. Since her visit her song "The Sand in the Hourglass" has been used at two funerals by request. ”

Pastor Joe Johnson, Lawrence United Methodist Church

A Hoosier singer/songwriter/guitarist inspired by artists like Norah Jones, Ingrid Michaleson, Paolo Nutini, Lauren Daigle, The Fray, All Sons and Daughters, and many more. Writing authentically, letting songs "come as they come," the hard work of waiting, and piecing it all together--that's what I hope to do. I'm most fulfilled when I have the opportunity to lead worship, and when I cross paths with people I likely would never meet without music's presence in my life. 

Feel free to explore iTunes and CDBaby to listen and purchase music (Mixed Emotions, Watching Trains, & The Chicago EP). I also have two independent projects only sold at live performances. Thank you for your support and love. 

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